过渡通过以下方式延伸了the Bridge School的使命:

  • 为每个孩子记录有效的教育和沟通策略
  • Working collaboratively with the 教育al team to support inclusion throughout the student’s placement at 这座桥学校
  • Developing and implementing curriculum that addresses self-determination and independence
  • 开发工具和策略,以支持学生的有效过渡
  • 支持ing the transition of students from 这座桥学校 to their home school district or other 教育al placements
  • 引导转型过程中的家庭
  • Offering collaborative services to district personnel to ensure successful 参与 for our students 在新的教育环境中
  • 向专上教育毕业生提供支援, 职业发展, 社区项目和成人生活的其他方面, 随着学生超过学龄.
  • 帮助学生准备终身学习机会


365外围足球平台课程和课程学习标志这座桥学校 provides high quality academic and social experiences that encompass a broad range of knowledge, skills and abilities across all subject areas with concurrent emphasis on supporting students’ use of assistive technologies, development of communicative competence with augmentative and alternative communication (AAC格式)制度,以及自我决定技能的实现. 利用研究作为资源来指导外围买球网站的实践, 外围买球网站适应, 定制, 实施并记录干预方法, 课程的活动, and instructional supports and strategies that best address the needs of our students in 这座桥学校 context and beyond.


交际能力的图片365外围足球平台, we believe that communication is a process of making meaning through shared engagement and interaction. 外围买球网站都渴望与他人建立有意义的联系, 学习和分享新知识, 与外围买球网站生活中重要的人真诚地交谈和交流.

Communicative Competence is “the ability to communicate functionally in the natural environment and to adequately meet daily communication needs” (Light, 1989). In order to develop communicative competence, our students with complex communication needs (CCN) and severe speech and physical impairments (SSPI) need specialized instruction to learn skills that enable them to communicate effectively for a broad range of purposes. 在365外围足球平台, they learn to use mainstream technologies and alternative and augmentative (AAC格式)系统和策略来绕过、克服或增强他们的自然语言. 熟练使用这些工具和策略可以促进访问, 参与, 动机, 以及所有课程领域和生活领域的成就. Instruction in developing communication competencies is infused within the context of ongoing academic and social activities at 这座桥学校.


sdp400x382对于有复杂沟通需求的学生(CCN) to develop the skills and attitudes associated with self-determination in order to have direct influence in matters that affect the quality of their lives. The 365外围足球平台自主计划 provides students with the necessary tools and supports to become causal agents in their own lives through informed decision-making, 经过深思熟虑的计划和坚持不懈的行动来实现自己的目标.






皮层视觉障碍(CVI) is a major cause of low vision in children in the developed and developing world due to increasing survival in pediatric and neonatal care (Phillip & 达顿,2014).  CVI is also the most prevalent visual impairment for students at 这座桥学校. 外围买球网站有CVI和严重语言和身体障碍的学生(SSPI) have challenges that require specialized and appropriate vision accommodations that support them in meeting their 教育al potential.

Meeting the 教育al goals necessary to provide Bridge School students optimal opportunities for 参与 in areas of communication, 教育, 和读写能力, requires assessments and interventions that specifically address the unique needs of our students with CVI.



5/4/2022 —  Employment Opportunity – Speech-Language Pathologist for Classroom/过渡

The SLP provides services within a unique service delivery approach in the role of co-teacher in the classroom with a full-time special educator and in providing support to students who have graduated and returned to a home school district placement.  除了提供密集, 个性化的, AAC格式-focused得到服务, SLP积极与… 继续阅读

6/8/2021 —  Creating a Path for Systematic Investigation of Children With Cortical Visual Impairment Who Use Augmentative and Alternative 沟通

There are significant challenges to face when serving children with 皮层视觉障碍(CVI)  who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC格式). One of the challenges is to find evidence-based research and intervention to guide practice. 博士德等. al., conducted a review designed to explore the available evidence on the topic and found that out of over 500 articles, … 继续阅读

5/26/2021 —  CVI研讨会# 5 & # 6档案可用

外围买球网站本学期的CVI网络研讨会非常成功!  如果你错过了在线研讨会,别担心! CVI第五届网络研讨会的录音档案 & #6现在可以免费查看.   CVI研讨会# 5 – Implementing CVI Strategies Into AAC格式 Instruction – Panel Discussion with:  Gabriela Berlanga, 迭戈, 和Gabriela (Gaby) Mangino, 迭戈的母亲CVI网络研讨会#6… 继续阅读

2/18/2021 —  Children With Cortical Visual Impairment and 复杂的通信需求: Identifying Gaps Between Needs and Current Practice

Over half of the students at 这座桥学校 have 皮层视觉障碍(CVI). 这种损害影响到他们生活的方方面面. 在过去的几年里, the staff has reached out for help; however, they often found that little information was available for them or the children’s parents, 这促使外围买球网站进一步研究…… 继续阅读

11/18/2020 —  CVI and Its Impact on AAC格式: Issues and Considerations – A Panel Discussion – Archive available

网络直播会议时间:10月30日, 2020 Our Oct 30th webinar on CVI and Its Impact on AAC格式:  Issues and Considerations – A Panel Discussion was a success! 如果你错过了在线研讨会,不要担心! We have a recorded archived version available on our website and it is free to view.  您必须在外围买球网站的网站上注册才能…… 继续阅读

10/15/2020 —  COVID-19最新情况和信息

We are working closely with the Hillsborough City School District and San Mateo County Health Department and the County Office of 教育 in terms of monitoring the COVID-19 situation. We are keeping abreast with the situation and as new information is received, will be posted here. 希尔斯堡市学区- http://www.hcsdk8.圣马特奥县… 继续阅读